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Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well and you are able to check in with my work updates everyday.

I will check in with you every Wednesday for a chat and perhaps a photo and I will set you a Purple Mash challenge (if you can log on) every Friday. 

Dosbarth Raglan's home learning will be updated on this page for the time being. 

Take Care.

Miss Davies.



Activities I can do at home in addition to my tasks every day;-


1. Accelerated Reading

The link can be found in 'Useful links' and in the homework book sent home. If you have finished or do not have a reading book at home you will find reading activities and quizzes on the AR site.


2. Do a job/chore for whoever is looking after you today, without them asking you.


3. Times Tables

You can always take some time out to run through any Times Tables you are unsure of. These are also stuck in your homework book. I have saved a copy for you under this list.


4. Tell a joke!


3. Spellings

I will post spelling activities weekly but the list of year 5 and 6 spellings that you need to learn is stuck in your homework book. I have saved a copy for you under this list.


5. Smile at everybody, it's contagious!