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Croeso i Brecon!

Hello everyone!


Please find information and some activity suggestions for completion at home. I will be posting tasks and activities that can be undertaken. During school closure weeks, I will post new tasks for every day BUT please remember that you do not have to complete them all! The tasks / activities are there if you / your adults want them.


Every child has been given an exercise book and a pencil in a work pack, but daily tasks will not always need to be recorded. yes    I will post news or things you might like in 'Brecon News'.


I am keeping a regular eye on the school text service and will reply to you if you have any questions or if you just want to say, 'Hello!'


Keep washing those clever little hands and stay healthy! blush


Best wishes,

Mrs Hilbourne



VE Day 75

8th May is VE Day and this year is special, as it's the 75th anniversary of VE Day, so there will be lots of celebrations!


Check out the Brecon News section for more information and activities!




Click on the stars below to find tasks, activities and ideas.


I am also posting work in the 'SUPPORT' section. This can be accessed by anyone, but is aimed at children who might find sections of the daily tasks tricky and therefore need something a little different. Dip in and out as you see fit!


Remember to check out Purple Mash for lots of fun tasks. I regularly set challenges! They can be found in your 2Do section!





Hello everyone!


These weeks are a little different as some pupils are returning to school. If you are, you can complete the activities with me. If you're not, you can complete them at home. yes 

You can also collect packs, if need be, to complete at home. These will contain a variety of activities.

You can complete your weekly activities in any order you wish! Wednesday should be a well-being day for you. Do things that make you happy! smiley


Don't forget to read, practise spellings and recite times tables!


Mrs Hilbourne.


Teepee Reading!

Our reading area has been transformed!  blush


Maybe you can find lots of places in your house to polish those super reading skills! yes





Check if ANY book you read is part of AR.

Click below to logon as normal.





For those who like a bit of routine OR just fancy some live lessons now and then, here's a list of activities in TIME ORDER! Saw it online but added a few more in!

Carol Vorderman's THE MATHS FACTOR is now FREE to join! smiley

Sign up quickly! It's for yes ages 4-11

Link below...

P.E. WITH JOE WICKS  (The Body Coach)


9am LIVE on YouTube channel

The Body Coach TV -




101 fun and free Science experiments you can do at home with materials you already have! 

What did you do? What did you find out? Have you seen anything similar before?

Click below...



Come on! We're off to the (virtual) zoo!

Click on the link below to see your favourite animals all around the world.