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External agencies that we work with

We work well with many external agencies at St James including therapeutic services such as Physiotherapy and charities such as Barnardos. We are always willing to incorporate 'health' targets into IEPs, hold appointments and multi-agency meetings at school and do whatever we can to support your child.

We work with, for example...

Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech & Language Therapy, GEMS, Gwent Visual Impairment Service, Gwent Hearing Impairment Service, CCBC Specialist Teaching Team, CCBC SEN Advisory Team, the School-Based Counselling Service, Action For Children, YISP, Behaviour Support Services, CCBC Nurture and Social Inclusion classes, Youth Workers, School Health Nurses, Gwent Epilepsy Nurses, Caerphilly Autistic Spectrum Service, Outreach Services, Social Services – including the Children with Disabilities Team, Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Community Consultant Paediatricians, COMIT.