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The Additional Needs (ALN) Register

What are the criteria for placement on the ALN Register?

Despite differentiated learning opportunities, reasons can include the pupil:

  • Has a standardised score of < 70-95 on National Tests

  • Makes little or no progress

  • Has difficulty developing literacy and/or numeracy skills

  • Has persistent Behaviour/Emotional/Social Difficulties despite behaviour management strategies or an individualised programme

  • Makes little or no progress with sensory/physical difficulties despite specialist equipment and/or advice

  • Makes little or no progress with communication/interaction despite a differentiated curriculum

  • Has additional needs that can be met ‘in-house’ but are still different from or additional to the peer group

  • Has achieved National Curriculum levels/Foundation Phase Outcomes substantially lower than expected

  • Has ongoing communication issues

  • Additional needs significant enough to warrant a diagnosis or referral to/involvement of external agencies or therapeutic services or CCBC specialist/advisory services.


I'm worried about my child being on the ALN Register!

Please don't worry. Every school has one. There are approximately 105 children on ours. It's our way of ensuring your child gets the support they need. It's reviewed regularly and if your child makes sufficient progress, they will be removed. Also, it's confidential. It's not displayed anywhere. Only those involved in teaching your child have access to all the information on it. Please know that you can make an appointment to discuss your worries/concerns with Mrs Evans, the Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator at any time. 


My child is receiving help - but isn't on the ALN Register!

Children don't have to be on the SEN register to receive support. We call some support strategies 'Early Intervention' or EI - that is, if we some put in support early enough, it will prevent your child from having to be entered on the SEN register. Children do not have to be on the SEN register to access support from our Family Liaison Officer or our Social Inclusion groups in the 'Snug.'


My child is on the ALN Register, but doesn't seem to be having any support?

We target some children for 'in class support' with the class Additional Practitioner (teaching assistant.) Maybe your child doesn't realise they are having this support, as it's just part of their normal day!

However, if you feel your child's needs are not appropriately supported/met, please make an appointment for a chat with their teacher or Mrs Evans the ALNCo.