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Shwmae pawb!

I have been busy creating a booklet just for all of you! It would be amazing if you could practise using Welsh at home, with the children. I have tried my best to help you with pronunciation of words and phrases by adding words phonetically.

GO ON, give it a go!

St James Welsh booklet for parents, carers,guardians and children.

Shwmae pawb!

Below are Welsh Reading books for all ages. Children can use their phonic knowledge to support them when reading Welsh material.

FPh- Can read the books they are confident with.

KS2- I have categorised them into year groups so that the children can identify the colour 'Pod Antur' they use in class.

Welsh apps (free)

Welsh websites

Why not practise your Welsh skills by using the useful apps and webites uploaded here!

You could help your special grown ups learn new skills. This would be amazing for us as a school ,as we are moving forward to earn our Bronze award for Cymraeg Campus- Language Charter.

GIVE IT A GO pawb!


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