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Platinum Eco Flag!

The Eco Council are very pleased that St James has achieved the highest eco award, the Platinum Flag, following an assessment of our work from Eco Schools Wales.


We now have to work hard to maintain this amazing status!

Eco Code 2019

We are aiming to become a 'Plastic Free School'. As a school we are already recycling crisp packets and pens but the Eco council have decided to make 3 pledges:

1. Use reusable water bottles in class.

2. Use reusable sandwich boxes instead of cling film in our lunchboxes.

3. Reduce the amount of black bags we use.


Please help us with pledge 1 and 2. Cling film can't be recycled so sandwiches could be put in a Tupperware box instead.

Thank you,

The Eco Council 

October 13th 2015

The Eco council held their first meeting last Friday. We carried out an audit of the school which included looking at litter, recycling, healthy living, water, energy, global citizenship and transport. This helped us look at some areas for improvement for the year.

We also talked about how we can work with Communities First and Groundwork to develop our Eco area and the school grounds.

Keep checking back to see how we are getting on .