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Dear Parents, Carers, Guardians,

I know that this can be a stressful time at the moment for our children and I would like to make your time with your children at home educational but more importantly, fun.

Many children are finding it difficult to understand what is happening around them regarding the Coronavirus. I have researched and found this document that may be useful for you when you have to explain what the virus is, the things we can do to stay safe and the necessity for social distancing.

Coronavirus social story for social distancing




Inside this School Closure Toolkit there are a variety of resources to support your child especially if they are having issues with routines or participating in work/activities. These resources can be printed and cut out if needed. 

There are activities such as;

Things I Can Do At Home

Sensory, Life Skills, Academics, Movement, Leisure

Schedule Pieces

First/Then Boards

Activity Schedule

To Do List

Choice Boards

Token Boards


In Dosbarth Harlech we mainly use Schedules, Timetables, Now and Then boards and Token boards to support your child. However, you may find the other resources useful.

School Closure Tool Kit