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Half Term Challenge:


It's National Children's Gardening Week from the Saturday 23rd May until Sunday 31st May 2020, so I thought you might like to learn about worms this week.  A worm is a gardener's friend, they are fantastic in the garden and they help the gardens to grow.


This week all the activities relate to the Julia Donaldson story:




I know how much you love that story, we've read it lots and lots of times.


There is a Word document on the website that provides lots and lots of different activities that you can pick and choose from. 


In addition to this I have put YouTube links up for the story of Superworm and also to show you how to create a no sew sock puppet. - you can use old socks to create one (ask a grown up first). 


In the YouTube clip they are making a caterpillar and have included pipe cleaner antennae - as you are making a worm you won't need to add these.  To stuff the worm you don't have to have special filling, you could use uncooked rice or any old material that you don't need anymore.  Also don't worry about googly eyes - you can use a marker to draw them on or, if your grown up is good at sewing, maybe they could sew some buttons on for the eyes.  


It's up to you how you create your puppet - the YouTube clip is just there to give you some ideas!


Have fun and enjoy your half term break.


Take care and stay safe... Mrs Harris xxx

Half Term activities - Superworm

Superworm! Read aloud children's book

Children's book read aloud. Superworm by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler

No-Sew Sock Worms

For the full instructions and list of supplies you'll need visit: These no-sew sock worms are SO EASY to make...

Daily Activities:



  • Use Bug Club to practise reading a book.
  • Read your word box and your high frequency words (there is an attached list of high frequency words on the class page).



  • Practise writing your name.
  • practise writing the letters of the alphabet (there is an attached list showing how to write each letter on the class page).
  • Practise writing the high frequency words - this weeks words are: he, she, we.  Don't forget to keep practising reading and writing last week's too: the was I.



  • Sing the counting songs - the ones we do everyday are uploaded onto the class page.
  • practise reading and writing numbers to 10/20.
  • practise saying what number is one more and one less than a number within 10/20.


I have attached a weeks worth of activities on one sheet this week.  You will find this on the Week 2 section in Llansteffan class page.  Anything in bold has been uploaded to the class page and can be accessed to support the learning this week.  


Any questions please use the Teachers2Parents text service and I will do my best to answer all questions.  


Thank you,  Mrs Harris xx

In the event of school closure


I will be updating the website to provide a variety of activities for the children to complete.  Some of these will be work to complete in their new red exercise book and others will be practical activities that they can do at home.


Attached to Llansteffan's class page is letter formation and number formation sheets - please refer to these when practising your letter / number formation.  In addition to these I have attached the first 100 High Frequency words, please would you practise reading and spelling these words.


Thank you, Mrs Harris

Activities to do at home

Maths concepts covered so far...