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Dear parents I will be updating the website daily to provide a variety of activities for the children to complete at home in their work books or practically.


In the pack I provided there was a letter formation and number formation sheet for use when writing and in math activities.  In addition there were the first 72 tricky words to practise and learn by sight.  The word boxes are lists of words for that can be phonetically spelt.  I use them to encourage the children to hear all sounds in words. 


Please access bug club for the reading scheme.  The children will be able to read as many books as they like, I can then allocate more.


Thank you

Mrs. Redmond.

Home activities

Monday 23rd March

LLCS: Practise phonic recognition.

Practise writing the sound x, one line of basic shape, one line of cursive.

Listen to the story Jasper's beanstalk on youtube. (Nick Butterworth)

How did Jasper feel when his beanstalk did not grow?  Why did it not grow straight away?

Can you draw a picture of Jasper at the beginning of the story, when the plant did not grow and at the end of the story?

Write about how he was feeling under your pictures.

Remember finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.  Try writing full sentences.



Maths:  Practise counting up and back to 20 from different numbers. 

3d shapes around the house.  Have a look at what 3d shapes you can find in your home.  Are they cubes, cuboids, cylinders, spheres or something else.  Sort 10 objects and record how many in your workbook.

How many cubes did you find?

How many cuboids did you find?

Are there more cylinders than spheres?


Topic:  What plants can you see in your garden?   Draw a picture of the plants you can find.  (grass, daisies, dandelions, flowers, trees etc.)  Can you label the parts of a plant?





Tuesday 24/3/2020 Work

Wednesday 25/3/2020

PSD Wednesday 25th March

It's Ffffffriday. Hope you are all staying safe, enjoying the time with your families and having a go at the tasks I have set you.  At 10 am Chester zoo are doing a virtual zoo day where you can see the animals.

Friday 27/3/2020

Remember to use bug club for your reading books and fun quizzes.
Easter week

Wednesday 1/4/2020

Friday 3/4/2020