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Morning all.  Hope you are as fit and well as can be expected at this 'unusual' time.  I have received updates for those whose children are entitled to Free School Meals.  Due to the volume of calls and emails, they have allocated additional telephone numbers as follows:












Please note that if you made your request to Bridges into Work after 31.03.20, you will not receive any meals until either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

Full details on https;//

Many thanks. Nikki Dargie

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Remember to collect a school ASTHMA CARD if your child has asthma - see this letter for details:

Jewellery and PE


Now that we are fully back in the swing of things and children are settled back into routines I feel it is important to issue a reminder on our policy towards jewellery and PE.  Earrings cause us a considerable difficulty on those days when children are timetabled for PE.  

It is not inconceivable that any jewellery, especially earrings, get caught in hair and clothing during PE activities.  Such occurrences may cause significant injury to the wearer and those participating in the activities.  There could also be cases where items of jewellery cut and scratch other children if worn during physical activity.  If it is not possible to refrain from wearing any earrings on the timetabled PE days then parents should provide plasters to completely cover the jewellery so as to minimise any accidents.  The school asks for parental support in enforcing these rules for the health and safety of all involved.


Mr A Lewis

Deputy Headteacher

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