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St James is proud to be a very inclusive school.


Mrs Bethan Jones is our Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator (ALNCo.)


What are 'Additional Learning Needs?'

The term 'additional learning needs' (ALN) is wider in scope then 'special educational needs' (SEN.) It encompasses all children whose learning needs are greater than their peers, but do not necessarily amount to SEN. Children with ALN are struggling to learn, for whatever reason, so need support. They may have/be, for example:

  • SEN
  • A disability
  • Medical needs
  • Gaps in their knowledge due to poor attendance
  • Experienced difficult family circumstances
  • Accessed education inconsistently e.g. Gypsy/Traveller children
  • First language is not English
  • LAC – ‘looked after child’
  • Young carers
  • Being bullied due to sexual orientation – LGBT
  • Perform or have employment
  • Experiencing bereavement or illness in the family
  • A family member in prison
  • Disadvantaged
  • Disengaged


NB: 'More Able & Talented.' This is separate from ALN. Children who are more able & talented are NOT considered to have ALN unless they have SEN!