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There will be a challenge sent out this week to create a logo and rename the 'Criw Cymraeg'. This challenge is a competition. Keep your eyes peeled everybody! You've got to be in it to win it!!!cheeky

Thank you to all that entered the design a logo competition. There were no clear winners but we have, as a committee, chosen ideas from different designs. The children who's ideas we will use will be rewarded in our first 'Rhyfelwyr Cymraeg' (Welsh Warriors) assembly. If you wrote this title then you will also be rewarded. ( We have professional designers coming in this week to decide on the final design)


Calling all parents!

In order to continue raising the profile of Welsh, I will be beginning an hour Welsh session after school, once a week (it will be available 4 days a week if the day chosen is an inconvenient day for most)  You will be introduced to the language patterns taught to your child/ren so that you can support them at home. This is not an intense session!!! DO NOT BE AFRAID!!

If you have difficulty with child care then your child/ren can attend with you. In fact, I think this will impress your child/ren!

If you are interested, please leave your name and child/ren's name/s on the registration form in the office. Alternatively, come and see me for further information.


You will be joining our Mid-day supervisors and kitchen staff on TUESDAY September  22nd for registration.


Diolch o galon

Mrs Culleton cheeky