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Week commencing 6-7-20

Shwmae.  Welcome to the second week of tasks.  There are 7 tasks listed here this week, there is an eighth task on Google Classroom.  You need to try to start using that platform.  The children who have used is so far have loved it and found it easy to use.  Please login through Hwb and click the Google for Education icon.


Task 1

Reading comprehension - Linking to our science work (animal adaptation) I'd like you to read the document below before answering the questions.

Task 2

Maths task - Have a look at the area and perimeter presentations below.  Pick one that is suitably challenging.

Task 3

We looked at worry monsters in class last week.  Following on from that, I'd like you to write a letter to yourself!  I'd like you to imagine that you have experienced lockdown and Covid-19 and everything that has come with it; not being allowed out to see friends and family; no school; working from home; closed shops and cancelled holidays.  Imagine you had experienced all of this and wanted to give a younger version of yourself some advice.  What advice would you give? 


So...write a letter to a past version of yourself who has yet to experience Coronavirus and everything that has come with it.  It should describe the emotional rollercoaster and mix of frustration and happiness, advice on how to get through it and make life easier for yourself.

Task 4

In preparation for September and a possible move to a different class, have a go at this art task.  Draw an outline of yourself and use pictures and images of things that are important to you.  You could even cut things out of magazines to help.  There's an example below to support you.

Task 5

After so many of you had a go at rapidly recalling times for the x6, x7 and x8 tables I'd like to make that learning stick by asking you to recall the same facts... but this time I want you to use division.  It'll look like this: "7 divided by 7 = 1" and "14 divided by 7 = 2" and "21 divided by 7 = 3"


How fast can you recall the division facts for the multiples of 6, 7 and 8 stopping at the twelfth multiple.  I wonder if you're as fast with these division facts as you were with the multiplication tables!!!


If you can, post scores on our Google classroom stream to keep that learning going too.

Task 6

Rainbow art - the rainbow is an image we've seen a lot of recently.  Have a go at making your own rainbow art. 

On a blank piece of paper colour rainbow stripes using wax crayons.  These need to be bright and bold - no light shading here, press hard with the crayons.


Next, colour over the top of the rainbow stripes with a black crayon; again pressing hard so your rainbow stripes are completely covered.


Finally, use a blunt instrument like a small spoon, back of a pencil or blunt pencil to scratch away some of the black crayon.  Your rainbow colours will be revealed below.


If you make a mistake, you can just colour it over in black and start again!

Task 7

You are all due to come back to school...eventually!  I'm meeting with teachers this week to discuss topics for the autumn term and I need your ideas.  You'll all be in year 6 in September and I'd love to see your ideas for new topics.  The best way of doing this is to create a mind map.  There's an example below.  Please give as much detail as you possibly can.

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