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Week commencing 29-6-20

Here are the home learning tasks for this week.  There are 8 in total.  You should probably aim to complete around 2 a day.  In addition to this, make sure you are reading daily and continue to learn your times tables.

Task 1

Complete the Titanic comprehension on Google Classroom.  You will need to type your answers underneath the questions and send it back to me for checking by clicking "Turn in"

Task 2

Speedy times tables!

How quickly and accurately can you recall your 6, 7 and 8 times tables?  The rules are simple; you MUST recall all of the facts by saying 1 x 6 is 6, 2 x 6 is 12...and so on.  Time yourself recalling the facts to the twelfth multiple (12 x 6, 12 x7 and 12 x 8).  You are not allowed to read the answers from a sheet or screen.  You can post scores via Google Classroom and maybe even video yourselves doing it.  How fast can you do it?!?!

Task 3

Titanic Art.

Modern ships and buildings have diagrams to show exits and safety routes etc.  There's an example below.  I'd like you to draw and redesign the layout for a modern day Titanic.  Label each part with a key so I know what's what.


Task 4

Write a newspaper report the day after the Titanic sank.  There's everything you need in the resources below.  Use as much or as little as you like.

Task 5

Think about the best thing about lockdown and the worst thing.  You could write them down, create a video, comic strip, poem or draw it.  Talking about or feelings and what makes us happy and upset is a strength.  Sharing those feelings and emotions helps others and us come to terms with things.

Task 6

Make a back to school plan like the one below.

Task 7

We haven't covered much on shape, space and measures in maths but you should know the difference between area and perimeter.  If not, look it up.  Have a go at solving the problem below.

Task 8

Your final challenge of the week is to practise your spellings.  I won't issue new lists this week as feedback I've had suggests many of you haven't learned lists I've posted since early April.  That's a lot of spellings.  I'd normally give you a revision week anyway.  Therefore, please go back over the last 3 weeks and make sure you know them inside out!  Remember to use all the strategies we use in school.  If you've forgotten, I've put the document below.

R.E. Task

Create a Fact-File about a Significant Person.

Click on the worksheet below to find out more.

Use the internet to research/find ideas for your fact-file.