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Week 9

Monday 8th June


This week we are going to continue with the Space theme. 


Today, you woke up in outer space.  You are wearing an astronaut suit.  You are missing your helmet! Oh no...  surprise  This is your mission today...


1.  Draw a picture of the type of helmet you would wear.  Be as creative as you like!

2.  Label the different parts of your helmet.

3. Write why wearing this helmet is important in Space.

Tuesday 9th June



Man on the Moon!

Imagine that you have just stepped onto the moon's surface.  Talk about how you would walk and how you would feel to a relative at home.  Ask them how they would feel too.  Just as you could draw your name in the sand at the seaside, you could make a mark or write a message in the dust on the moon!  What would you write?  Draw and colour the moon and write your message across it.  You could also sprinkle some flour or sugar onto a surface outside and pretend that it is moon dust. Write your message using a stick.  Don't forget to ask an adult first.  Take a photo of your message.laugh

Wednesday 10th June



Imagine you are going on a mission to explore SPACE!  What would you take?  Talk about it to an adult in your house.  Think of 10 things you would take in the space ship.  Write a list and draw the items.  Use the template below or just write the list on paper.  It is up to you.


These are some of the things I would take...

1. A book to read.

2. A diary to write my thoughts and feelings everyday.

3. A camera to take photos.

4. Pictures of my family.


If you can, write your list in alphabetical order.



Thursday 11th June




Today you are going to make stick puppetslaugh Down below is a sheet of different characters and objects, they are all about SPACE!  Print, cut them out and stick them to a lolli pop stick, straw, or a stick...

You will be practicing your cutting out skills and strengthening your finger muscles.  This all helps with your handwriting!


If you have not got a printer, do not worry, draw the characters and objects yourself.  Colour them in.  This also helps with your handwriting.


Start to think about an adventure story into Space.  Give your character names.  What happens in your story?  ?Is your story sad, funny, exciting, silly?  It can be whatever you want it to be.  Draw pictures of your story, remember a good story needs a beginning, middle and an end. 


Tomorrow you can use the puppets and hold a SPACE PUPPET SHOW in your home.  Let the adventure begin..

Stick Puppet templates