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Week 2

Monday 30th March


Healthy Eating


Read through the Powerpoint to remind yourself of the different food groups and the foods that are within each group.



Explore the different foods that you have in your kitchen. Can you find a food from each of the different food groups? Draw the items that you find and label which food group they belong to. 



Tuesday 31st March 


Hello boys and girls of Caernarfon, The Easter Bunny has a special mission for you all to complete!


As we all know the Easter Bunny works hard every year making sure that all of those yummy Easter Eggs are delivered to you on time. This takes the Easter Bunny a long time to do and she often becomes very tired from all of her hard work! So the Easter Bunny wants YOU to design a healthy meal that she is able to eat on Easter morning that will give her lot's of energy so she is able to carry out all of her Easter deliveries. Remember to include foods from all of the different food groups and don't forget you can include a naughty little treat for the Easter Bunny to enjoy.


Have fun completing your mission and do the Easter Bunny Proud yes



Design a healthy meal. Include foods from all of the food groups. Draw pictures and label. 

Plate Template

Wednesday 1st April 




With Easter approaching us very soon, I would like you to create your very own Easter Garden.


Watch the Easter Story on YouTube to remind yourself of why we celebrate Easter each year.


Then follow the set of instructions to create your very own Easter Garden where was buried and laid to rest in a tomb.


Have fun creating! yes

The Christian Story of Easter | Religions of the World

Easter Garden Instructions

Easter Garden Examples

Easter Garden Examples 1
Easter Garden Examples 2
Easter Garden Examples 3
Easter Garden Examples 4

Thursday 2nd April


Time to have fun and get creative!


Unfortunately we won't get to have our annual Easter Bonnet Parade in school but that doesn't mean to say that you can't have your own little parade in your house!



Can you use recycling/bits from around your house to make an Easter Bonnet? 


Then have an Easter Bonnet parade to show off your fabulous creations! 

Easter Bonnet Ideas

Easter Bonnet Ideas 1
Easter Bonnet Ideas 2
Easter Bonnet Ideas 3
Easter Bonnet Ideas 4