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Week 2 30/03/20

Friday 3rd April


Easter comprehensions.

Read the text and answer the questions. The answers are there for you to check when you have finished!


Choose from Easier 1*-3* and Trickier 1* - 3*.

Thursday 2nd April


Discussion with your family. See attached picture & notes. Will painting rainbows help? Is it important to cheer each other up?




Wednesday 1st April- A Book/Story review

Listen to a story on AUDIBLE or read a story you have at home. Then complete a review in your book or on paper.


AUDIBLE are allowing FREE access to their children's stories and books.

The free audiobooks offered by Audible Stories are divided into several sections e.g. Littlest Listeners, Elementary, Tween, Teen, Literary Classics, Folk & Fairy Tales for All etc.

Some of the audiobooks are narrated by celebrities!

You can browse through Audible Stories’ catalogue, or search to see if a book is available. To listen to audiobooks, which come with a synopsis and reviews, simply click or tap on the Start Listening button. Once the audiobook is playing, you may choose to rewind or forward by 30 seconds, adjust the recording’s speed or jump to different chapters. LINK BELOW...

Use these as headings when completing your review!

Tuesday 31st March Literacy

Monday 30th March

Today's task is a reading activity about garden birds!  You can write the answers into your exercise book, onto paper, type them or print out the sheets to write on.


Choose a 1*, 2* or 3* job. I have included the answers because I trust you not to cheat! Maybe you could mark your own work or ask someone to mark it for you! Best wishes, Mrs H smiley


P.s There is a bird watch activity in 'Brecon News' for you to complete if you fancy it!