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Week 11

Monday 22nd June


This week we are going to continue with our mini topic "Minibeasts."


Today, I would like you to read about minibeasts and find out some more facts about them. 


1.  Read the information text carefully. 

2. Answer the questions.

3. Reading the information will help you with your tasks this week.smiley


Note to parents - there are 3 different examples.  Choose the one that is most suitable for your child.

Tuesday 23rd June


Today,  I would like you to play the "What am I?" game.


1. Read through the clues on the powerpoint presentation about minibeasts and use the clues to guess what minibeast it is.  There are lots of different examples.  No cheating. laugh

2.  You can play the game several times. 


This will help you practise your reading and help you when you write your own "What am I?" tomorrow.

Wednesday 24th June


Today, I would like you to write your own "What am I?" all about your favourite minibeast.


1. Choose your favourite minibeast.

2. Write 5 clues about your minibeast.  Don't forget CL and .

3. Read your clues to a member of your family. Did they guess correctly?  yes  or   no


You can use the powerpoint from yesterday, the comprehension sheet and the top trump cards to help you write your facts.

Thursday 25th June


Today, I would like you to draw your favourite minibeast and label the different parts.


1.  Find a picture of your minibeast.

2. Take your time and draw the details, e.g. colours, shapes, features.

3. Label the different parts of your minibeast.


e.g. wings, legs, body, head, thorax, abdomen


See the examples below for some ideas.laugh