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Week 10

Monday 15th June


Our new theme is... MINIBEASTS!!!



I hope you all enjoyed going outside on your minibeast hunt for today's Maths lesson. Hopefully you managed to find lot's of minibeasts hidden in your gardens. 



Can you create a minibeast that you found on your hunt?


You can only use natural materials to make your minibeast.


See the examples below.


Tuesday 16th June


Following on from Monday's activities, you should have all read the story of the Cautious Caterpillar. Cody is a very scared caterpillar because she does not want to transform into a butterfly. How does Cody go from being a small caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly with elegant wings she uses to fly?


I would like you to explore the life cycle of a butterfly. 


Take a look at the Life Cycle of a Butterfly PowerPoint and use the information you have read to create your own life cycle of a butterfly.


I want you to draw a picture for each of the different stages and write a sentence to go with each of the pictures to explain that stage of the life cycle. 


Key Words: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly.


Note to Parents:

Worksheets are attached for support but encourage your child to create their own life cycle. 

Wednesday 17th June



Today we are going to be exploring the habitats of Minibeasts.


A habitat is the home of a plant or an animal. Each plant or animal is suited to the habitat in which they are found. 



1. Explore the Powerpoint, reading the different information of each of the slides.


2. Use the sorting cards to match the minibeast to the correct microhabitat. 


3. Can you create an advert for a minibeast microhabitat? 




Thursday 18th June


Research Task


1. Research Minibeasts using the Internet.

  • Choose your favourite Minibeast and find out as many facts about them as you can.

You can watch videos on YouTube and use Google to search for information. Please remember when using the Internet to take care and be careful what you search for and what you click on. When typing into Google remember always to put 'for children' at the end of your search so appropriate sites come up. 


2. Create your own fact book on your chosen Minibeast.

  • Use the information you found to create your own mini fact book. Remember to add a title, headings and drawings, and make it colourful so the reader is interested. 





Let's get crafty!!!



1. Mindfulness minibeast colouring. 


2. Follow the instructions to make a Minibeast.