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Week 10

Monday 15th June


Today's Maths lessons is linked to our new theme 'Minibeasts'.



I would like you to go on a minibeast hunt outside. Can you use a tally to keep track of how many of each minibeast you see? Remember not to touch any minibeasts or move them from their homes.

Tuesday 16th June


I hope you all had lot's of fun on your Minibeast hunt yesterday!


I hope you found lot's of minibeasts and you were able to complete your tally chart. 



Use the data that you collected yesterday (tally chart) to create a block diagram to record your results. 


Answer the questions using your results.



If you found 2 butterflies, then find butterfly on the vertical axis of your diagram, then on the horizontal axis find the number 2. Colour squares 1 and 2. Complete for the other minibeasts you found. 

Wednesday 16th June


Watch the video to learn about Symmetry.


Colour and decorate the different butterflies, making the designs and pattern symmetrical.


Note to Parents: 

The sheets have images of butterflies on grid lines as well as blank backgrounds. Use a mirror to help children to understand the line of symmetry.

Titch and Ted's learn about symmetry and directions | Maths - Titch and Ted do Maths

Suitable for teaching 5-7s. Titch and her uncle Ted learn about shapes, directions and symmetry while working at the beach. Subscribe for more Maths clips fr...

Thursday 18th June



Hello Caernarfon!


Cody the Caterpillar has set you a maths challenge for today's activity.


There are a number of different problems that Cody would like you to solve. You will need to use your amazing adding and subtracting and multiplication and division skills to solve each of the problems. 



The RUCSAC method will help you solve each problem.

1. Read the question carefully. What is the important information?

2. Understand the question. What do you need to find out?

3. Choose the correct operation. Do you need to add or subtract?

4. Solve the problem. 

5. Answer the problem. 

6. Check your answer.


Try to complete as many of the challenge cards as you can to make Cody one very happy caterpillar!


Note to parents: The problems gradually get harder. If you find your child is answering them easily, then move them onto the harder problems.


Your child may use a variety of different methods to solve the problems. 



Friday 19th June


Hurray we have made it to Friday! My favourite day of the week cheeky


A massive shout out to all of those superstars in Caernarfon who have tried their best to complete as many of the daily tasks that have been set.


I am on counting down the days until we all get to see one another again. 11 days to go!


Today you have a choice in which task you wish to complete. Or if you're feeling really clever this Friday you can always give them both a try.



1. Can you complete the symmetrical picture? Think back to what you have learnt about symmetry this week. 

This activity features half-complete images for children to finish, using symmetry. They can use a mirror to look at the reflection of the picture and then use the grid lines to support them in completing the missing half.


2. Can you use your multiplication skills to solve the calculations? Colour in the squares accordingly to reveal the hidden picture.

Use these great maths mosaics to practise multiplication and division skills of 2, 5 and 10 times tables. As children solve the calculations, they reveal pictures of a ladybird and a grasshopper.