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Week 1 23/03/20

Friday 27th March WELSH ORACY

Instructions for the punctuation activity are on the sheet.


Look at the Powerpoint to remind yourselves of the layout for a FORMAL letter. Use the planning sheet for ideas before you begin to write your letter in your book. Write your letter to Caerphilly County Borough Council, requesting that they help us reduce the speed that people drive past the school to less than 20mph. Remember to use paragraphs and set them out correctly!

Paragraph 1 - Why are you writing?

Paragraph 2 - Go into detail about the problem, give examples.

Paragraph 3 - What would you like the council to do? What are your expectations?


Sign off appropriately! - No  'Oodles of love from Sammy xxxx'  

Tuesday 24th March Try these and then have a go at writing your own!