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Week 1 23/03/20

Friday 27th March 



Andy Goldsworthy is a British artist who creates his art from nature.

Take a look at the POWERPOINT of examples of his work and also some examples of children's art inspired by him.

As the weather is so beautiful at the moment, I'd like you to create your own art OUTSIDE, with whatever you can find - leaves, sticks, flowers, petals, grass, stones, anything natural.  It can be any shape or style, as long as it's inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. Use your imaginations...

Ask a grown-up to take a photo of your art and I will think of a way we can collect all your photos together. HAVE FUN!

Thursday 26th March


I've attached a comprehension task based on India. I have also posted the answers.



If you find the comprehension task a little tricky, why don't you and your grown up create a fact page about India! Add what you already know and then undertake research with your adult.



Wednesday 25th March

Today's Topic task involves using Purple Mash. I have set a 2Do task for you!


Choose your favourite animal from the two we have been studying (Snow Leopard / Asian Elephant) and draw a picture of it. A little on-line research with your adult might help with details!


If you'd prefer to draw by hand, that's absolutely fine!    

Monday 23rd March


Make a rainbow and display it in a window!

Look at this news article...