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Hello children

Here are today's activities.smiley

1.Read your Bug Club and/or your Acclerated Reading book. Try a phonic game that's on your Bug Club page.

2. Maths-Telling the Time-Quarter to and Quarter Past

3. Literacy-Inference

4. Topic- Australia-The Great Barrier Reef

2. Maths-Telling the Time- Quarter to and Quarter Past

1. Watch the Powerpoint below.

2. Use this Interactive Clock to help you-


3. Choose your worksheet-

Gold-3 Stars***

Silver-2 Stars **

Bronze- 1 Star *

3. Literacy-Inference


1. Click on, watch the clips and follow the activities-


2. With the help of a grown-up complete the Worksheet.

4. Topic-Autralia-The Great Barrier Reef


1. Watch the videos-


2. Watch the PPT (Powerpoint) below.

3. Make Top Trumps Cards of creatures found in the Great Barrier Reef.