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Literacy -


Super Shop!

Create your own yucky supermarket by labelling tins of mini beasts!

Who will be in yours and how many?

Talking Together

Pick your tin!

Look at the different sizes of these cylinders!

Look at making labels and think about the amount that will be in that tin! If you draw around the old label then you can get the exact size.

Pick your minibeast contents. Are there going to be just one minibeast in a can? Make labels as fancy as you want!

Talking Together

Then go shopping and combine your tins of yuck!

How many minibeasts would I have if I had a tin of my caterpillars and a tin of slugs?

What about half a tin of worms and a tin of slugs? Look at different combinations. Write/ mark make a list or recipe.





Maths -


Super Moves!

Superworm has many abilities and many moves. How many super moves can you do in 1 minute?

Talking Together

Superwormthe skipping rope. How many skips can you do in 1 minute?

Can a grown up time you? Check your counting!

How else can you move your body like Superworm. Can you hula hoop for 1 minute?

Can you use your body as a swing

–swing your arms? Can you count 20 of one move and count it?

Sensory / fine motor skills:

1. Worm Dance

Worms come to the surface when they hear the rain on the ground. Sometimes noises convince them it is raining and to come up. Can you make up your own rain dance to make the worms appear?

Talking Together

Some cultures do dances to make it rain as well! You can look these up on the internet to get some ideas.

Could you put your dance to music? Or use your favourite tune?

Think about noisy moves like rain to get those worms to show themselves!


Worm Rain Dance

10 stamps -one foot

10 stamps -other foot

6 claps

5 bunny hops

2 spins

4 times

shout "RAIN"


2. Sorting by Colour: This activity encourages the development of fine motor skills and provides children with the opportunity to learn and consolidate their understanding about colours. Any empty jars are perfect for sorting and providing a fun and motivating way to play and learn with colours while developing fine motor skills.