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Literacy -

Talking Together

Make a list of your favourite fruits. What will be number 1?

Could you work out which fruit is the most popular in your house? Which fruit will be the winner?

Is all your fruit in the bowl? I hope there isn’t any evil fruit in the freezer!

Caterpillar Lunch

The hungry caterpillar eats far too much. Have some fun working out how many things he ate on 2 different days! Combine groups to make a lunch for a growing caterpillar.

Can you draw and write/mark make what he would eat?

Maths -


Fruit Bowl

Explore your fruit bowl and look at what's in it!

How we can sort it? What groups have you got in there? How can you combine these to make some maths problems?

Talking Together

Explore your fruit bowl. How many of each fruit have you got in there? Can you look at different ways of combining amounts?

For example what number do you get when you combine apples and bananas? Lemons and limes?

How many bananas would I have if I had one less?

Take it further and make some fruity patterns! What will be my next fruit?


A fun task for the week!