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Wednesday 29.04.2020



Hello Cyfartha, we are half way through the week hurray!


I hope you enjoyed yesterdays problem solving challenge, as Starry-Eyed Stan has set you another maths challenge.


There are a number of different problems that Stan would like you to solve. However, this time you will need to use your amazing multiplication and division skills to solve each of the problems. 



The RUCSAC method will help you solve each problem.

1. Read the question carefully. What is the important information?

2. Understand the question. What do you need to find out?

3. Choose the correct operation. Do you need to add or subtract?

4. Solve the problem. 

5. Answer the problem. 

6. Check your answer.


Try to complete as many of the challenge cards as you can to make Starry-Eyed Stan one very happy starfish!


Note to parents: The problems gradually get harder. If you find your child is answering them easily, then move them onto the harder problems.


The problems will cover the 2,5 and 10 times tables, all of which we have done in class. Your child may use a variety of different methods to solve the problems. We often encourage them to physically draw out the problem as seeing it visually helps them to work out the answer.


Happy Problem Solving!

Starry-Eyed Stan's Challenge No2



I hope you all enjoyed reading the 'Starry-Eyed Stan' story yesterday. What a talented Starfish Stan is! What was your favourite part of the story? Mine was when little Jay saved the day and all the starfish came together to defeat the nasty Lancelot.


Take a look through the different pictures, each picture shows a scene from the story.


I would like you to use your imagination, and what you already know from reading the story to write sentences in the speech and thought bubbles for each of the different characters.


What would the character say in this scene? What would the character be thinking?


Example for picture one:

Starry-Eyed Stan (speech bubble): Hello Everybody! I'm Starry-Eyed Stan and I would like to welcome you all to my amazing rock concert. I hope you're all ready to join in with the singing and dancing.


Snails (speech bubble): We love you Stan!


Starfish (speech bubble): I love Stan so much! I could listen to him sing all day.


Try to complete as many of the different scenes as you can. 


Starry-Eyed Stan Speech and Thought Bubble Worksheets



Mini Project - to be completed over the next few days.


Who would like to join the Starry-Eyed Stan band?...


Well today is your lucky day!! 


Starry Eyed Stan is giving you all the opportunity to join his underwater band.


In order to be the newest member of Stan's band, you will need to complete the following tasks.


1. Learn the 'We Are All Super Starfish' song. The backing track is on the Twinkl website but if you are unable to access this then it is sung to the tune of wheels on the bus. 


2. Make a musical instrument. Follow the craft instructions to make your own junk model percussion instruments. Don't worry if you don't have all the materials, you can improvise and use whatever you can find around the house. 


3. Add some actions to the song.


4. Gather your family and hold a concert where you can put on the performance of your life.


This your moment to shine! I hope you all have a fantastic time becoming Starry-Eyed Superstars!


Rock on cheeky