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Literacy -

Today's literacy work will be as a "2Do" job on purplemash again. Log onto the site at:, put in your username and password and click on  the "2Do" section. If you post the work I can look at what you have done and write back to you! Can't wait to see what you do!  Hope you have fun! wink


You may be asked to do one of the following:

- matching animals to its young and mark making/ writing the names

- looking at animals on the farm. Can you drag the animals into the correct place?

Maths  -


Making Maps

In the story the two baddies make a map of the farmyard in a cunning plan to steal the cow. (Even though it doesn’t go well!)

Have a go at making a map of the farm like the baddies using positional language!

Talking Together

Find something to write a plan on, paper or an old bit of wallpaper. Even baking paper in a roll!

Use the plan in the book or the front pages to make your own map. Talk about what is next to each of the buildings as you make it. Then talk about planning how to get the cow making turns, next to, over, under and beside.



Sensory / fine or gross motor skills:



2. Following a line or pattern..

You may like to try: