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Literacy -


Treasure map

Design your own treasure hunts and hiding pictorial clues for the grow ups to follow. Remember to use the arrows to help with directions.

If you want to turn the clues into a map you can stain paper with used tea bags to make them look like old pirate maps! Remember to scrunch the paper up first and rip the corners a bit so it looks really old.

Shhhhh… X marks the spot.

Maths -


Treasure Hunt

A pirate loves treasure!

Set up your own treasure hunt. Of course every hunt will need some clues. What do your family treasure most?

Grown ups. Set up a treasure hunt in your indoor or outdoor space by providing a set of pictorial clues. You could even make these together by getting the children to pick certain objects and draw them.

As the children go to each place in the pictures they can hunt for each clue. Prompt them to use positional language to explain where they need to go. Hide some treasure in the last place. This could be a special snack, a new story to read or something special for your family.

Sensory / fine or gross motor skills:

1. Painting icecubes 


2. Using clothes pegs to pinch onto an objects



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