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Literacy -

Today's literacy work will be as a "2Do" job on purplemash again. Log onto the site at:, put in your username and password and click on  the "2Do" section. If you post the work I can look at what you have done and write back to you! Can't wait to see what you do! laugh Hope you have fun! enlightened


Your jobs will be to explore simple city. Can you move around the different areas? what can you see? what are they doing? which is your favourite area? why? Answer these questions to your grown up!


Maths  -

Veggies assemble for the Great Race

In "SupertatoRun Veggies Run" the veggies are having a sports day to keep fit. Set up your own veggie race. Discover which veggies roll the best!

Talking Together

Have a look and assemble your veggies! What different kinds have you got? Who is going to compete in the race? Make your own racetrack! This could be a big one outside or a mini race for peas on the table. Have you got something for a finish line?

Take turns to roll each of your veggies or roll together with a grown up or someone else in your house.

Who is the winner? Let me know the best rollers - your grown up can text the school to let me know!


Sensory / fine or gross motor skills


  • Set yourself some challenges

How many jumps on 2 feet can you do in a minute? Get a grown up to set their phone timer. How many on 1 foot?How many spins can you do? Don’t get dizzy! Can you run on the spot for one minute.


  • Homemade Paint Bags

    Fill zip lock bags with various coloured Paints and let the children enjoy squishing them and mixing the colours – without the mess!



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