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Literacy -

Print or ask your adult to draw you Humpty (above). Can you use your scissor skills to cut him out?

Ask you adult to cut the picture into 4/6/8 pieces, you can them use it as a jig-saw and put Humpty together again!


Maths -

Try to use positional language to describe how items are positioned in relation to other items

Model and practice this everyday with your child's play. When its tidy up time can you ask the children to..."Put the toys IN the basket", "Sit teddy ON the shelf", "Place the chair NEXT to the table" "Put the paper "UNDER" the book"


Topic -


  • Sing a variety of favourite nursery rhymes. Clapping to the beat.

Try looking at:

We use this one all the time and I know your children love it! yes


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