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Wednesday 24th June

Perimeter of regular polygons

(A polygon is a shape with at least 3 straight, closed sides.)


If you need a reminder about perimeter, go back to Monday's lesson for the video & powerpoint. wink


We can calculate the perimeter of regular polygons even when the length of every side is not given e.g.

We know the perimeter must be 48m, because every side of a square is equal length! yes


enlightenedWhat about rectangles? 

The perimeter must be 16cm. Why? Because opposite sides of a rectangle are equal length. yessmiley


enlightenedCan you calculate the perimeter of this regular octagon?


That's right, it's 8 lots of 20cm, so 160cm! Because a regular octagon has 8 sides of equal length.


8X20cm = 160cm smiley yes


enlightenedYour task is to complete one of the attached: