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Wednesday 17th June



Watch the video to learn about Symmetry.



Colour and decorate the different butterflies, making the designs and pattern symmetrical.


Note to Parents: 

The sheets have images of butterflies on grid lines as well as blank backgrounds. Use a mirror to help children to understand the line of symmetry.

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If you could be a minibeast for just one day, what minibeast would you be? Where would you go? What would you do? 



Use your imagination to write about what you would do if you could be a minibeast for just one day. 


Watch the video for some inspiration!


Note to Parents:

Children can use the writing template if they wish or they can write it straight into their workbook. 

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Today we are going to be exploring the habitats of Minibeasts.


A habitat is the home of a plant or an animal. Each plant or animal is suited to the habitat in which they are found. 



1. Explore the Powerpoint, reading the different information of each of the slides.


2. Use the sorting cards to match the minibeast to the correct microhabitat. 


3. Can you create an advert for a minibeast microhabitat?