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Wednesday 13th May

Writing - What's your earliest party memory?


On Friday, there were many VE Day 75 street parties. Maybe your street had one! laugh

My mum & dad were 7 years old on VE Day in 1945, but they can't remember a thing about it! surprise 

That made me think about the earliest party I can remember... enlightened cheeky


Write a paragraph (or a few!) in your purple book about your earliest party memory. yes It could be a party for a birthday, wedding, Halloween, Christmas, New Year or something else. What was the party for? How old were you? Tell me all about the party - the people there, where it was, the decorations, the food, what you wore, what you did, how you felt etc. Use lots of adventurous adjectives and adverbs. Use 'power of 3.' Include a simile or metaphor too! smiley Can you show all the different punctuation you're able to use? As well as capital letters and full stops, include exclamation marks, question marks, commas and speech marks. yes

Illustrate your writing if you'd like to. laugh