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Tuesday 9th June


Continue with your Maths booklet from yesterday.  There are also lots of MATHS games on your purple mash account too.laugh



Man on the Moon!

Imagine that you have just stepped onto the moon's surface.  Talk about how you would walk and how you would feel to a relative at home.  Ask them how they would feel too.  Just as you could draw your name in the sand at the seaside, you could make a mark or write a message in the dust on the moon!  What would you write?  Draw and colour the moon and write your message across it.  You could also sprinkle some flour or sugar onto a surface outside and pretend that it is moon dust. Write your message using a stick.  Don't forget to ask an adult first.  Take a photo of your message. smiley




Last week you found out about all the different planets in Space!  Take a look back to remind your self about the planets that we know exist. 

This week your mission is to design your own planet.  You can be as imaginative as you like.


Think about...

1. Shape

2. Colour


4. Who lives on the planet?

5. What is special about your planet?


I have included a design sheet for you to fill in.  You will use this to then make your own planet on Wednesday and Thursday using any material that you would like to use.


Design a planet sheet