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Literacy -

Ladybird Biscuits

You will need:

1 pack plain biscuits

1 small, red food colouring

Icing sugar

1 small cup of water

Black ready made icing in a tube or block or something similar to make spots and lines like raisins and liquorish. Optional –edible eyes!

Talking Together

1. Lay out your biscuits on a flat surface.

2. Mix a little water into your icing sugar until it starts to make a really thick paste.

3. Add red food colouring until the icing goes ladybird red.

4. Ice your biscuits to look like red ladybird wings.

5. Roll block icing into a thin sausage and make into a strip down the middle of each biscuit. (Or draw a line with icing or add a strip of liquorish.)

6. Roll little balls of black icing ready or get your raisins ready?




Maths  -


Talking Together - Lots of ways of Getting Dotty!

Simply decorate your biscuits with as many spots as you want and then talk about how many you have put on each side of the ladybird! How many spots altogether?

Set a challenge of each biscuit having to have 5 or 10 spots. How many on one side, how many on the other? Talk about the calculation on both sides of the biscuit to make 10.

Another way! Each ladybird must have the same amount of spots on each side. How many different doubles have you got?

What do these make?

Sensory / fine or gross motor skills:



2. Have fun with a ball.....kicking, throwing, catching !


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