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Literacy -

Can you practice you letter sounds today?

 - Can you show your adults what each letter sounds like? Can you put them together to make words? Can you write/type those words into a sentence?


 - Can you tell your grown up what the letter sounds like? can you put together the letter sounds to make a simple word?


 - practice your writing shapes! Remember you can paint them, make up and down shapes on the wall with a brush, in shaving foam, gloop.....anything that's fun!


Maths -


Walking the Plank

The Pirates make Troll walk the plank before they find out he can cook!

What can you make walk the plank? Will it float or will it sink?

Talking Together

Collect a set of objects from around your house to experiment with. Pick a number to aim for, let’s say 10. Make these into a numbered list to tick off if you wish.

Find something to use as the sea –the bath is a good option! If you want to invent an added plank then feel free or they could just walk down your arm!

Make the objects walk the plank. Which ones floated? Make these into one group. Which ones sank? Make these into another group. How many in each group? Did any of the objects surprise you?

Sensory / fine or gross motor skills:


  • You might want to pretend to walk the plank yourself by balancing along a straight line like a bit of sticky tape or string. Even a plank in your garden if you have one!



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