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Literacy -

Today's literacy work will be as a "2Do" job on purplemash again. Log onto the site at:, put in your username and password and click on  the "2Do" section. If you post the work I can look at what you have done and write back to you! Can't wait to see what you do!  Hope you have fun! laugh

You may be asked to do:

- write about a spider ( to insert the picture, click on the green add button, go to mini beasts and choose a spider picture)

- create your own spider, can you talk/ mark make about the different parts of a spider?

- create your own spider by colouring in


Maths -


Spider Stories

The very busy spider is so busy making her web. Sometimes she tells stories about her flies and how many she eats.

Can you help us see if her stories are correct?

For example:

Talking Together

Spot the mistake.

1.The very busy spider caught 7 flies.

Then she ate 3.

Now she has 3 left.

Is she correct?


2. The very busy spider caught 6 flies.

Then she ate 2.

Now she has 2 left.

Is she correct?


3.The very busy spider caught 8 flies.

Then she ate 4.

Now she has 5 left.

Is she correct?

Sensory / fine motor skills:

1. Make your own web and spider!


2. Practice scribbling, drawing lines, or letters on a sensory tray. Instead of using storage containers like you would when making a sensory bin you can use a cookie tray for this activity. You can use moon sand, play sand, breadcrumbs, flour, shaving cream or foam soap for this activity. Spread a thin layer of the material on the cookie tray and use a paintbrush, make up brush or sponge, fingers, or any small utensil to then draw lines, shapes, or begin to practice writing the letters of the alphabet