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Tuesday 28.04.2020

Tuesday 28th April 




Hello Cyfartha!


Starry-Eyed Stan has set you a maths challenge for today's activity.


There are a number of different problems that Stan would like you to solve. You will need to use your amazing adding and subtracting skills to solve each of the problems. 



The RUCSAC method will help you solve each problem.

1. Read the question carefully. What is the important information?

2. Understand the question. What do you need to find out?

3. Choose the correct operation. Do you need to add or subtract?

4. Solve the problem. 

5. Answer the problem. 

6. Check your answer.


Try to complete as many of the challenge cards as you can to make Starry-Eyed Stan one very happy starfish!


Note to parents: The problems gradually get harder. If you find your child is answering them easily, then move them onto the harder problems.


Your child may use a variety of different methods to solve the problems. Encourage your child to count on, count backwards, count with physical objects and use the number line and column method.



Hello Cyfartha!


Today's activity I'm sure you are all going to love....

I would like you to read the story 'Starry-Eyed Stan'. This is a story about Stan, who is the most talented singing starfish in the bay. It's a story of friendship and teamwork and will sure to have you smiling.



Draw a picture of Starry-Eyed Stan and write as many adjectives you can to describe him. Remember when you are describing him, not to just describe what he looks like but also his personality. What qualities does Stan have? Is he selfish? Is he kind? Once you have written down your adjectives, challenge yourself to put them into a sentence.


E.g Starry Eyed Stan is talented because he has a fantastic singing voice and entertains all the sea creatures in the bay. 


Note to Parents: I have included 'Talk Cards', if you wish to discuss the story with your child, the cards included a number of questions you can ask and through questioning you will be able to see if your child has understood the story.

Starry-Eyed Stan Story

Starry-Eyed Stan Talk Cards




As we are exploring the seaside this term, I thought we could also explore the creatures often found at the seaside or living in the sea.


Let Stan the Starfish from the Twinkl Original story 'Starry-Eyed Stan' test your knowledge of creatures that live in the ocean. 


Explore the 'What Am I' PowerPoint. Can you guess which creature could be the answers to these fun and exciting riddles? 



Can you write your own sea creature riddle? Once you have written your riddle, see if someone is able to guess the correct answer.


Note to Parents: Children can use the 'Riddles' worksheet below to support them. The worksheets are differentiated, allow you child to chose what level of work they wish to complete. If you feel they are able to complete the activity easily, then encourage them to try a different level.


I look forward to hearing your amazing riddles!