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Literacy -

Sing the rhyme again! Hope you are singing do in class!

Look on purple mash. I have added a 2do task for you! You are going to make yourself into Humpty Dumpty!smiley

(Sign in with your child's details  - sent home in the home learning book, go to "2do", press "start". When finished click "hand in" and I will be able to see it and give comments!)


Maths -

  • Ask the children questions: What do you do at night? How do you know when its night? Is it day or night now? What do you do early in the morning? What do you do before you come to school?
  • Can you divide your page into two. Draw yourself doing an activity in the day, then a night activity.


Topic -


Problem Solving – Humpty Dumpty is too afraid to sit on the wall because he is afraid he will fall off and break.  Provide some rubber eggs (or whatever you have at home, not sure I would give a chocolate one!) to represent Humpty.  Using the construction toys eg lego, blocks, children design  a wall and test to see whether Humpty will stay on the wall without falling off.


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