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Tuesday 16th June



I hope you all had lot's of fun on your Minibeast hunt yesterday!


I hope you found lot's of minibeasts and you were able to complete your tally chart. 



Use the data that you collected yesterday (tally chart) to create a block diagram to record your results. 


Answer the questions using your results.



If you found 2 butterflies, then find butterfly on the vertical axis of your diagram, then on the horizontal axis find the number 2. Colour squares 1 and 2. Complete for the other minibeasts you found. 



I hope you all enjoyed the story of Cody the Cautious Caterpillar. I think we could all learn a thing or two from Cody, what a brave little caterpillar she was! Often we feel scared and feel like we won't be able to do something but if we try to be brave Cody, we will be able to achieve great things!



Can you describe the setting from the story? 


I would like you to write descriptive sentences about the garden, setting the scene where the minibeasts live. 


You will need to use lot's of adjectives (describing words) to really set the scene. 


Note to Parents: 

The activity is differentiated three ways so that you can provide children with more or less support.

How do you write a setting description?


  • To describe a setting, provide the reader with information about the location.
  • Use descriptive sentences to talk about what the place looks, sounds, smells and feels like.
  • Use adjectives to describe.
  • Write about colour, shape, size, texture and more.
  • You could use metaphors and similes in your description.



Following on from Monday's activities, you should have all read the story of the Cautious Caterpillar. Cody is a very scared caterpillar because she does not want to transform into a butterfly. How does Cody go from being a small caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly with elegant wings she uses to fly?


I would like you to explore the life cycle of a butterfly. 


Take a look at the Life Cycle of a Butterfly PowerPoint and use the information you have read to create your own life cycle of a butterfly.


I want you to draw a picture for each of the different stages and write a sentence to go with each of the pictures to explain that stage of the life cycle. 


Key Words: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly.


Note to Parents:

Worksheets are attached for support but encourage your child to create their own life cycle.