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Tuesday 12th May

Science enlightened- Light and Shadows - Investigating Shadows. cool


I want you to experiment with shadows at different times of the day. laugh

You will need a sunny day, so you may have to wait to do today's task. indecision

Firstly, watch these clips: yes


Find out if the following statement is true or false and collect evidence to PROVE IT! enlightened


The sun makes the longest shadows at the beginning and end of the day, when the sun appears lowest in the sky and the shortest shadows at midday, when the sun appears highest in the sky.


Put an object outdoors, where it makes a shadow. Measure the length of the shadow at different times throughout the day. Draw a table in your book for your results. Your results table will need two columns, TIME and LENGTH (cm.)  yes It could look a bit like this:


Time         Length of Shadow

8.00am               4cm

9.00am               5cm

10.00am              5cm


DON'T MOVE THE OBJECT AT ALL, ALL DAY! Remember, in a fair test, only ONE variable changes and the variable that's changing here is the position of the sun in the sky. cheeky


When you've finished your investigation, write a few sentences about what you found out! Was the statement in green true or false? How do you know? smiley yes 

You could draw a labelled diagram of your investigation too. Remember, horizontal labels only please! No wonkiness! wink