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Topic Week 11

Bug Hotel/House Challenge


Hello children,

My name is Bertie Beetle. I live in a lovely garden under some smooth pebbles. Lots of my minibeast friends live in the garden too - my best friends are Billy Bee, Alberta Ant, Loretta Ladybird, Sammy Snail and Catrina Caterpillar. We all live in different places in the garden but yesterday, it was very windy and our houses were ruined!

I am writing to ask for your help. Please can you make us some new places to live? We need safe places to keep us warm and safe. You can find the things you need outside. You could use twigs, mud, soil, leaves, pebbles, fir cones and straw. My friends would like some flowers and plants too please.


Can you help Bertie and his friends?   Design and make your own Bug Club Hotel/House for them.


1. Look at the examples of Bug Hotels/Houses and talk about what you can see in the pictures.  Think about what you learned last week about Habitats.

2. Look at the examples below.  Choose one of them or design your own.

3. Draw a picture of your Bug Hotel/House, label it and make a list of all the materials and tools you will need.

4. Collect all your bits and bobs. 

5. Make it.

6. Make a sign for your hotel.  (Look at the examples below for ideas.)

7. Use the sheet or design your own and keep a record of all the minibeasts that visit your Bug Hotel/House.


This task is for all week and includes the Friday challenge.


You are going to make lots of minibeasts happy.