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Friday 3rd April - Design an Easter card! Be creative and imaginative! Could you write a little verse to go inside too?

Thursday 2nd April - Why do we celebrate Easter? - revision of the Easter story.

Read the text (Gold, Silver or Bronze) and answer the questions. yes

You don't have to write your answers down in your purple book if you don't want to, you could answer verbally, like a quiz! Ask someone to ask you the questions. smiley

REMEMBER, the point is that you look (scan!) for supporting evidence IN THE TEXT Don't just guess the answers! smiley

Easter text and questions

Tuesday 31st March - Remember when we used GOOGLE MAPS to study Porthcawl? Use Google Maps to answer these questions about INDIA.

Monday 30th March - Indian Art!

Friday 27th March - ART - Andy Goldsworthy is a British artist who creates his art from nature. smiley

Take a look at the POWERPOINT of examples of his work and also some examples of children's art inspired by him.

As the weather is so beautiful at the moment, I'd like you to create your own art OUTSIDE, with whatever you can find - leaves, sticks, flowers, petals, grass, stones, anything natural. laugh It can be any shape or style, as long as it's inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. Use your imaginations...

Ask a grown-up to take a photo of your art and I will think of a way we can collect all your photos together.enlightenedyes HAVE FUN! laugh

Thursday 26th March - INDIA Comprehensions - Gold, Silver, Bronze (plus answers but no cheating!)

Wednesday 25th March - Researching Indian animals enlightened, then drawing one on PURPLE MASH.

I've set you a 2DO on Purple Mash (Well, I think I have!! laugh)

Login to your Purple Mash account - the link is on our page but I'll put it here too - and start drawing! yes 

I'm so excited because I can see your pictures when you've submitted them! laugh





Tuesday 24th March - Art - Indian Mehndi hand patterns - design your own Mehndi hand pattern!

Monday 23rd March - make a rainbow and display it in a window! smiley

Look at this news article below...