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Literacy -

How would you cure the dragon pox?

The Princess uses lots of strange things for a cure! What other things in your bathroom could you use to make a cure for the dragon Pox?


Talking Together

Mirror-Belle had 7 different ways, but we can do better. Help us be a brave knight and save the princess by making a cure!

You will need 2 of each item to make 20 /10things for your cure. these things could be from your bathroom or anywhere around the house.

Write/mark make and draw your cure in your home learning book. If you are not ready to mark make this is a super sensory idea, just make the potion!


Maths -


Adding up those spots!


Princess Mirror-Belle and Ellen have a lot of spots! Can you find out how many pox spots they have?

Talking together

Look at the different pictures in the book. Can you count the spots on each girl and add them together? Use the 10 frame that you have used before to help you.




Sensory / fine motor / playing skills:


1. Transfer water, you can use a watering can, pipette or a syringe from a medicine bottle.



2. Link together paper clips!