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Literacy -


Days of the week!

The wizard has a challenge for the princess every day!  Can you give yourself 7 challenges?

Talking Together

Some of the challenges the wizard sets seem impossible!

Make a list of your seven challenges in your home learning book and tick off as you complete them day by day! This could be a rainbow challenge!

Each day could be a colour like the princess! Could some of the challenges help your grown ups?

Could it be a way to be kind every day?

Maths -


He just keeps on counting!

The wizard keeps on counting down in the story.Lets play some magic counting games!

Talking Together

Pick someone to play with!

One person decides to be the wizard and counts down from 20/ 10 (Or up!)

The other person finds somewhere to hide. The wizard tries to find the hidden person.

When you find them make sure you give them your most wicked, wizard laugh! See if you can find each other. Who is the best wizard?

Sensory/ fine motor / playing skills:


1. Fine Motor Skills Activity with Dyed Oatmeal

This fine motor skills activity is lets kids practices important skills while engaging in a fun sensory activity. Learn how to colour oats and incorporate them into a fun fine motor activity.



2. Marshmallow Sculptures

Kids will have no idea they are actually building small motor skills while playing with marshmallows. They may eat some marshmallows along the way wink