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Literacy -


Today's literacy work will be as a "2Do" job on purplemash again. Log onto the site at:, put in your username and password and click on  the "2Do" section. If you post the work I can look at what you have done and write back to you! Can't wait to see what you do!  Hope you have fun! wink


You may be asked to do:

- draw and write/mark make about something that you enjoyed in the book

- design a picture

Maths -


Talking Together

Using the tins you made yesterday can you price up the tins and make a yucky shopping list! Go shopping with a budget!

How much is a tin of spiders? How much would 3 tins be?

Are caterpillars expensive? How much?

Look at the money in your piggy bank, what could you buy with your pennies?

Write out the sums in your home learning book.

Sensory / fine motor skills:


1. Homemade threading boards.


2. Bathing a baby doll. It is  a super game to play but they will also learn:

  • Cause and effect – learning about how water moves
  • Care taking – learning how to care for others
  • Sensory – this activity is deeply rooted in sensory
  • Empathy – showing kindness and affection to another