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Hello children. Here are today's activities.

1. Read your Bug Club book.

2. Try some of the phonic games that I've put on your Bug Club page.

3. Make some bunting to show that we are all thinking of each other.

4. Maths

5. Literacy


Rainbow Bunting

Here is some bunting for you to make and put up in your house to show that we are all thinking of each other.

You can use any media to finish the black and white bunting outline sheet.

My children are using paints, pastels, coloured pencils and felts.

We've also painted one on our window for the Sun to shine through.

You could even make your own on computer and print it out.

Literacy- How to Make a Jam Sandwich.

1. Follow and complete the activities on each slide of the PowerPoint.


2.The worksheets are on the PowerPoint. Choose which worksheet you would like to try:

Bronze 2





3.With the help of a grown-up, follow your completed instruction sheet to make your own jam sandwich. Yummy!