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Literacy -

Practice the rhyme "Incy Wincy Spider" again.

Ask an adult to divide a page in your home learning book (that was sent home) into 4 square. Can you then draw 4 pictures in order to show the nursery rhyme......singing will help!


Some of you can add writing/mark making to this!


Maths -



As we know spiders have 8 legs, 4 on each side. Can you sort spiders into doubles and not doubles?

Some of our spiders have been losing their legs! (Adults can you draw spiders in their books with legs missing please?)

Tell an adult the amount of legs and the double they are.


If you are not ready for doubling try:

Talking Together

Could you make your own finger paint spiders to double or just draw your own? They could be as silly as you like and have more than 8 legs! Will they be a double or not?


Halving - Ooh a lovely spider tea!

Can you halve the spiders so we each get enough?

Make or draw some spiders. Can you get two plates and sort the spiders into two groups? Count the spiders.


Sensory / fine motor skills:

1. Build with plastic or paper cups. Use any of the plastic or paper cups that you have in the house and use those to build with instead of blocks. You can make towers, pyramids, or get as creative as you and your child want to. The lighter weight material of the cups makes balancing a little more difficult so this helps to address fine motor precision.

2. Posting! You can post shapes, paper, toys..its endless!