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Literacy -


Picnic Time

Have a look and see if you have any of the food the hungry caterpillar has to eat and make a picnic! Think about what you will need and how many people are going to come. (Psst… it could be a picnic in the living room!)

Talking Together


So for a proper picnic grown ups help us to get together what we will need. How many plates or napkins? What food shall we take? Do you need to make a plan or a shopping list. Draw, write or mark make what you need.

Is there anything the Hungry Caterpillar ate that you haven't tried before? For example. Have you tried a pickle?


Maths -


Talking Together -Halving and Sharing

Enjoy getting your things out for your picnic how are you going to share your food? To halve things we need to share into 2 equal groups. Have a look here. Have these 2 children each got the same? Look closer.

If there are more people at the picnic, let’s say 3, how many sandwiches could they have each? How will you share things for your picnic?


Talking Together

Talk about how much of each thing you would have.

Could you draw your picnic on a paper plate or a circle of paper? Could you find the food in magazines or make your own 3-D models?

Label your picnic and tell us how much of each food you would have. You can be as silly as you like!

A fun task for the week!