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Thursday 26th March

Maths - I've saved the answers here again for you. We're moving on from area to negative numbers. laugh
Literacy - There are 4 sheets here but I don't expect you to complete them all (unless you really want to) wink. The answers are included too but make sure you do the task before checking your answers yes.

Literacy 26.03.20

Humanities Task - 26th and 27th March - This task is for the next 2 days so today I'd like you to research information about Mother Teresa and then plan a biography about her. There is an example of a plan below. Then, tomorrow I'd like you to write your biography. There's an example in the documents below also. If you'd prefer to present it as a Word document or even a PowerPoint using HWB then that would be great - if not, write it in your home school book or on paper. smiley